Artists Bio



Joyce Lubotzky is a Sydney-based painter and photographer studying fine arts at the National Art School. In 1990 she completed her diploma in ceramic design from The University of Johannesburg and worked on shaping objects and domestic vessels of her own design.

She emigrated to Australia in 2003.


In Australia she developed an interest in photography and, in particular, the placement and composition of objects in space.


Her interests in creating shapes and form and capturing dynamic composition have met in the happy medium of painting. Using oil paints on a range of surfaces, Joyce’s work aims to investigate contemporary still life as a visual allegory for memory and perception.





1969    Born Johannesburg 

            South Africa


2018    Bachelor of Fine Arts

            National Art School


1990    NHD Ceramics

            Johannesburg University


2017    Aspectsart Show

            Highly Commended

2015    Australian Centre For 


            PHOTOSTART 2nd Place 


2018    DIRG, Rayner Hoff Gallery

2017    Landscape Exhibition,

            Rayner Hoff Gallery

2016    Photography Exhibition,

            Rayner Hoff Gallery